Singsational Nottingham! – A Great Success


We had a great time on Saturday night!  An enthusiastic audience had a great sing and raised £740 for our charities.  Thank you to everyone who came along, participated so willingly and donated so generously.

And thanks too, on your behalf to the wonderful cast, musicians and crew.  And to all the people who helped behind the scenes (we raised £70 selling mini knitted Hops!).

If you would like to see some pictures of the evening click here:

And I’ve had a moment of inspiration!  Singsational Nottingham! is not a sing-a-long, it is a Community Musical.


  • A Singsation event has a story
  • A Singsation event has a cast, a script and is staged (complete with props, sound and lighting)
  • A Singsation event is accompanied by live music
  • A Singsation event has a lot of singing
  • A Singsation event involves as many aspects of the local community as possible
  • A Singsation event is fun!

So watch this space to see what the next Singsation community musical will be!


Singsational Nottingham! 2014 – Starts in exactly one week


In exactly one week from now Singsational Nottingham! 2014 will be starting.  And, in the company of ‘Hop’ the Pigeon, we will be singing our way through the story of WW1.

There will be a lot of singing!

But you don’t have to do all the singing yourselves.  You will also be able to listen to the children of the WHP Federation School Choir and the chamber choir, “Harlequin”.

You will be able to buy your very own souvenir hand-knitted ‘Hop’ .

You will be able to study a display about Beeston during WW1 which has been prepared by the local history society and to see the work of the school children during the interval.

You can show off your “Edwardian” flat cap or shawl if you decide to come in contemporary costume!

And you will be able to give generously to our three charities:  Hope Nottingham; the Friary and Help for Heroes


Singsational Nottingham! will commence at 7.30pm on SaturdayMay 17th at Chilwell Road Methodist Church, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1EH. Tickets will cost £5.00 (£2.00 for children) and are available on the door or in advance by contacting 0115 943 1164

(If you do not know the area well, park in “Foster Avenue” car park, because the tram works are making it hard to get to the church by car at the moment).