Singsational Nottingham!

Singsational Nottingham! 2014 is open to everyone, even if you haven’t sung since you were at primary school.  Whether you sing like an angel, or you sound like you are gargling with gravel, if you enjoy a good sing, this event is for you.

Singsational Nottingham! 2014 will take place on Saturday May 17. The event will include the premiere of a new musical “Hop the Pigeon” which has been written to help the community of Beeston in Nottingham to explore how the First World War affected the local area and to feature some of the best songs ever.  Songs, many of which were sung during those dark years, and having stood the test of time and are as good as the day they were written.

At all Singsation! events, the audience are the performers and this evening will be no different.  The “performiance” (performers as audience) will provide the musical numbers and sound effects from the comfort of their seats, coaxed along by expert musicians and leaders.  This is an evening designed to allow those who want to have “a good sing” but don’t belong to a choir or singing group to do just that.

Members of local choirs and musical theatre groups will be at Singsational Nottingham! to ensure that there is always a really good lead and no-one needs to be scared of standing out or singing some wrong notes; the evening is more about fun than perfection.  All of the songs we sing will be very well known and words will be provided.  People coming to the show can visit the “Get Singing!” tab to find copies of the words and links to the songs on You Tube, so that they can come along prepared if they want to.

The music will be led by a mixture of live musicians and karaoke and there will be a wide range of styles to be enjoyed.

Singsational Nottingham! 2014 will commence at 7.30pm on Saturday May 17th at Chilwell Road Methodist Church, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1EH. Tickets will cost £5.00 (£2.00 for children) and are available on the door or in advance by contacting 0115 943 1164

If you want to come along and join in with the singing;

or if you belong to a choir or theatre group who would like to support or be part of the event;

or if you would like to participate in the fine tuning of the event itself (the words, music and other logistics) then follow the links at the top of this page to find out more.

Come to Singsational Nottingham! and be part of a celebration of the wonderful singing that  takes place in and around Nottingham.

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Singsational Nottingham! 2014 – Poster (Colour)

Singsational Nottingham! 2014 Poster B&W

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