For Groups

If you belong to a choir, theatre group or musical society of some kind, you already know the joy and thrill of participating in live music making.

Singsational Nottingham! is designed to let everyone who wants to experience the same feelings that you do every time a performance goes well.

Please support Singsational Nottingham! by bringing members of your group to the event.  By spreading regular and confident singers throughout the audience we will be able to support people who are less confident and may not have sung since school and hence maximise the success of the event and the pleasure of all the attendees.

If your group is on the look-out for new members, contact us.  It will be possible for you to have a stand during the interval to advertise what you do.  Or you could sell your CD’s and advertise your next concert or show if you wish.

Please help advertise Singsational Nottingham! by displaying a copy of this poster

Singsational Nottingham! – Poster

If any of your members plan to come to Singsational Nottingham! or you have decided to have a “stand” to advertise your activities during the interval at the event, this version of the poster includes the phrase “Join us at”  at the top of the document.

Singsational Nottingham! – Poster for groups

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