Today I’m Singing

Singing is such a great thing to do and enjoy, I have created a new web service called Today I’m Singing to give everyone the chance to start their day with a brilliant song or tune that they can sing from when they get in the shower in the morning until they go to bed.

Each day Today I’m Singing chooses a “classic” song that is related in some way to an event or anniversary related to that date in history.  Sometimes these are random historical events (the first day that Big Ben chimed); sometimes they are related to a number 1 hit of yesteryear.  Whatever the reason, the piece of music will be well known and should be known by everyone.

Today I’m Singing can be followed as a daily blog post; a twitter feed; it can be found on facebook (Today I’m Singing) and can be received as a daily email.

Sign up now!

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