QR codes and choirs

Despite the weather, I've been working on Singsational Nottingham!

Despite the weather, I’ve been working on Singsational Nottingham!

I’ve been busy inviting local choirs along to Singsational Nottingham!, so that they can advertise themselves during the interval and attract new members and so that their members can spread themselves around the audience so that less confident singers can get a bit of extra support.

So far, five groups have said that some of their members are going to join the event, which is brilliant!  It will be great for members of local choirs to meet each other – I bet there will loads of “I never knew you were a singer too!” as people recognise each other through the evening.

The other things that I have been up to are sending out a press release to local papers to try and drum up some publicity via the local papers (they should be interested in a community event like Singsational Nottingham!) and creating a QR code for http://www.singsation.org.   This was so much easier than I ever imagined. There is no shortage of free QR code creator programs available via a google search and all you do is put in any “string” and a QR code is created. Here is http://www.singsation.org:

Who'd have thought this could represent a great night out?

Who’d have thought this could represent a great night out?

I’ve added the QR code to the black and white poster / A5 handouts that I am putting out around the area.  I wonder if anyone will point their iphone at one of them to find out more?


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