Getting the technical stuff sorted

I’ve just spent the evening with three friends, all of whom sounded as if they were speaking a foreign language, sorting out the technical requirements for making Singsational Nottingham! ( a success.  There was a lot of talk of VGA splitters and composite feeds, but basically it means that we will be able to have the song words on screen for both the audience and the performers.

Plus (and this is the best bit), when the stars of the show (Frank and Mabel) watch the telly, what they will see is the audience!  We’ll have a video camera pointing towards the audience, so they will be the football crowd (singing “I’m forever blowing bubbles”) and the Proms audience (singing “Jerusalem”)!

Having the video cameras there means we should be able to upload Singsational Nottingham! on YouTube after the show – so then everyone, where ever they are in the world, will be able to join in a great sing-a-long evening of entertainment.

VGA splitter - not musical; but vital!

VGA splitter – not musical; but vital!

We discussed lighting and sound too. All in all, this is turning into a proper show. And thank the Lord for talented, generous friends.


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