Five days to go. Nearly there!

The final countdown has started. Here is what is going on!

We finally made the local paper on Saturday, so a few people may see that. I’ve written the programme and prepared the word sheets for those in the audience who don’t want to use the screen. I have created a “Just Giving” page for people who can’t come to be able to make a donation to Water Aid and I’m listening to BBC Radio 2 which happens to have a week of programmes dedicated to the voice, ending on Saturday!

Friends have put all the words for the songs into a presentation package so they can be projected; collected numerous props (including a bucket, axe and several dozen shower caps); arranged to record and video the evening that it can be loaded on You Tube and built a “shower cubicle” (which has a significant role to play in the proceedings).

If you want to know why we need a shower cubicle, you’ll have to go onto You Tube next week. I’ll blog when there is stuff to see.

What am I worried about? Actually it is mainly the traffic and parking. Beeston is currently in chaos because a new tram line is being built – and it is this week that things have really “kicked off”. So no-one really knows what the traffic will be like on Saturday evening, but it is crazy during the day.

Here is my message to myself at 2.00 in the morning!

Here is my message to myself at 2.00 in the morning!

And some really good news. You may remember that I wrote to Helen Chadwick,the “Water Aid “composer”, telling her about Singsational Nottingham! and asking her what her favourite warm up is. She sent me a lovely email today, wishing us luck and telling me about a “call and response song” OLEO; I’m going to look it up!


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