“Likes” on Facebook

I’ve just discovered how to feature “Likes” on the Singsation! facebook page.

So far I have added:

Gareth Malone – because it is his programmes on the telly that have been part of the inspiration behind my setting up Singsation!

John Rutter – because he writes such excellent tunes that I think it would be hard for anyone to say that singing them, or hearing them, does not make them feel good.

Howard Goodall – because he has just had an excellent series on music on the TV; plus he wrote the theme tune to “The Vicar of Dibley”, which is probably the only exposure to choral music that many people have had.

Music for Everyone – because this Nottingham-based charity runs brilliant participatory music events and groups for people of all standards and they are worth telling the rest of the world about.

The Really Big Chorus – Advertise themselves as the biggest choir in the UK, getting together a mix of choirs and singers who don’t sing in a group from across the country to perform choral works.  Sounds fun!

Is there anything / anyone else that Singsation! should be “liking”?

You can see the “new improved” “Likes” listing at http://www.facebook.com/SingLikeYourInTheShower


One thought on ““Likes” on Facebook

  1. I sing with Rock Choir http://www.rockchoir.com in Beeston at College House School on Cator Lane. The choir is currently closed as our leader had to give it up but it will be back on again in September. In the meantime, sing with Sarah at Loughborough Rock Choir on Wednesdays. We do flash mobs, performances etc. All great tunes that everyone knows. Sarah Stephens Rock Choir and Kate Benson Rock Choir on Facebook for likes. No need to read music at Rock Choir.

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