Looking for celebrity help!

Having “liked” various musical celebrities on facebook the other day, I thought why “not tell them about Singsational Nottingham!”  So I went on their facebook pages and sent them each a post, with a few words about April 20th!

I also asked them a couple of questions / favours.

“What is your favourite warm up?” – I’d like to use them at the start of the evening if the celebs suggest anything.

“Could you write a round for us to use as the climax to the warm up part of Singsational Nottingham!”

Don’t suppose I’ll hear anything back.  But nothing ventured; nothing gained.

Watch this space!

Singing birds.  Or are they just hungry?

Singing birds. Or are they just hungry?


2 thoughts on “Looking for celebrity help!

  1. You can only ask – hope someone replies!
    I’m not a celeb but one of the things I love about warming up is the physical as well as rhe vocal. I love the shake out to loosen up all joints and then the extreme face pulling to get the face away from only smiling or frowning. How often is it legit to stick your tongue out in public, scrunch up your eyebrows or blow you cheeks out like a puffa fish?!!

  2. frothy cappucino and a piece of cake and peel banana are great ones that we do at Rock Choir, Sarah Stephens the leader of Loughborough Rock Choir has lots of ones with moves too.

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