Singsational Nottingham! 2014 – Can you knit?


As you will have noticed by now, Singsational Nottingham! is subtitled ‘”Hop” the Pigeon’ on this occasion.  And for good reason because our WW1 sing-a-long will indeed feature a pigeon called “Hop”

I’m delighted to say that there will be some miniature “Hop”‘s for sale during the interval on May 17th – all proceeds will go to the three charities that we are supporting – The Friary; Help for Heroes and Hope Nottingham.

If  you would like to do your bit to raise funds and  you can knit, why not make a (few) “Hop”‘s to sell?  Please download the pattern and bring them along to the evening – you can donate them to the stall before we start.  Don’t worry if you do not have the correct coloured wool – I think a flock of rainbow coloured pigeons would look very nice!

Hop the Pigeon knitting pattern

Singsational Nottingham! will commence at 7.30pm on SaturdayMay 17th at Chilwell Road Methodist Church, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1EH. Tickets will cost £5.00 (£2.00 for children) and are available on the door or in advance by contacting 0115 943 1164


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